Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Triangle Quilt

I just HAD to make a triangle quilt! I kept pinning them and pinning them.  With an auction for Henry's school coming up, I thought this could be a good way to get a triangle quilt out of my system.  All the fabric I used came from my stash!  I only had to buy the batting and back.


Cutting (300+ Triangles, if you're curious)
I used the Modern Ombre Black & White Triangle Quilt Tutorial from See Kate Sew.  (**Note: make sure you download the updated pattern piece if you are going to try this yourself!**)  Also see her notes on matching up the triangle points--very helpful.  My points aren't perfect, but I got better and better!
The Finished Top
 Binding - I love hand-binding my quilts!

All Done! 


  I used "Crosshatch In Grey" by Carolyn Friedlander for the back.  It's extra wide (108" so I could use one continuous piece). I've used it before for quilts and love it as a simple neutral!
I ALMOST didn't donate this to the auction, because I ended up loving it so much.  But I did, and I'm so happy that it has a new home.  There will be more triangle quilts in my future....

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