Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Apron

Just thought I'd share!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Two weekends ago we attended Urban Craft Uprising....holy crafting heaven! I could have stayed for hours and hours if not for one cranky nephew (I forgive you, Oliver). I did find some good gifts for a few special people (hope you're not reading!)...

First of all: I fell in love at first sight with this Robot Tee from LuCoo

And this sweet little hair clip:

LuCoo has the cutest t-shirts, hoodies, pillows and plushies. Ohmygosh. Check them out!

Also--I have seen Pitter Painter's awesome work before (I Heart Rummage) but I finally got a few of her super-cool magnets...which for some reason will not load. Go here to see her stuff!

And, this wasn't from Urban Craft Uprising, but it is a gift I can wait to give...

You just got Rick Rolled!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweet Smocky Goodness

OK, so about yesterday. We all know how much I love Amy Karol, right? I was in need of a cute present for a little girl, and "Bend the Rules Sewing" came to my rescue again. This time I tackled the "Swing Swing Smock." Love it! I used to sew little kid clothes a lot, and now I remember why: they are so tiny and adorable!
Equally exciting: I finally opened and used my bias-tape-maker. Um, hello? Why did I wait so long to learn how to do this?? (Smacks hand on forehead) Handmade bias tape is so cute, easy, and has a much better feel than the bias tape you buy at the store. Look!
Why don't you get one and try it right now?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweet Snow Day

Snow Day! Today was snow day #2 (did I mention yesterday was a snow day?). Snow days are the BEST EVER. I get really depressed in the winter because it involves leaving for work in the dark and getting the dark. yay. It's so lovely to be home (crafting) in daylight hours! I have been SUPER productive. I've finished two big projects, which means my to-do list is, for the moment, complete! That has not happened in a good long while. I have been itching to do a fun project, and I wanted to get it done in time to take a picture during my precious daylight hours, but alas, when I finally finished the Really Cute Thing, it was just too dim. But sister and I had a fun jaunt down to the lake where we did some very artistic snow angels:
So I got to cross that one off my list too. Tomorrow (hopefully snow day #3) I will update on the Really Cute Thing. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


WOW! I knew I was neglecting my little blog, but I can't believe my last post was SEPTEMBER 14. Hmm. Let's just pretend I've been here all along, shall we? Mkay!

Here is something I was excited to months ago? It is a craft fair apron. One really must have a specialized craft fair apron for the craziness that is Craft Fair. I made this out of one of those little tea towels I still had lurking on the shelf (remember this post?).

Pre-embroidery shot:Did I set the self-timer on my camera to take this picture? Yes, I did (nerd alert!).

Post-embroidery shot:I only had 2 craft fairs this season...thank God. I have been busy with Etsy orders and getting ready for Christmas - can it really be a week away??