Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thanksgiving's in the air

Tomorrow's Turkey Day! I made this Pecan Pie for the feast - we're heading down to spend the day/weekend with Jamie's family.  Sure hope it tastes good....but at least it looks pretty.  See my new favorite pie crust recipe here.  If you have a food processor, it's SUPER easy!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

henry got baptised!

Henry's baptism was Sunday!  Both families were able to make it - however we missed Adam, Sarah, and Pearl.  It was such a fun weekend and the service was beautiful.  Henry was in a very good mood for the whole Mass! 

The gown fit!  (and no accidents)

Proud Godparents Emily & Tom

 The whole fam... thanks for being there for H!

Friday, November 16, 2012

fabric friday: ga ga for green

Greens always catch my eye.    I guess now that winter is approaching, I really feel the need to add more spring to my life. These are particularly gorgeous!
 Joel Dewberry : : Primrose in Aquamarine

 Joel Dewberry : : Pristine Poppy in Teal

 V& Co : : Leafy Stripe in Lime Green

Emily Ann : : Succulent Succulents

Thursday, November 15, 2012

family baptismal gown

My Grandma Jeanne made this beautiful gown for my brother's baptism in 1975.
Since then, 11 babies in the family have worn it.  This Sunday, Henry will be #12!  Every child's name and date of birth is embroidered along the bottom.  So this week it was my job to a) make sure the gown actually fit my Chunky Monkey before trying to stuff him into it during Mass and b) stitch his name and info onto the gown.

(there's me!)



(Henry's the first one on row 4!  Please excuse this terrible photo.  Shooting white-on-white is tricky, and a pro photographer I am not.)

Let me tell you that it was no easy task to dress my chubby baby in this extra-delicate family heirloom, making sure not to rip, tear or smudge the fabric and trying to keep him from shoving handfuls of the garment into his mouth every five seconds.  But, luckily, it fit.  I do have a few more things to say on the subject:

1. The tear on the left sleeve was already there (not my fault)
2. Elastic is an invention that should be celebrated by mothers everywhere.

So yes, sadly there were a few rips and seams unraveling.  My conscience wouldn't let me just leave them, so I did some fix-ups oh-so-carefully because

3. Few things are more terrifying than partially dismantling an extra-delicate family heirloom with the intention to "fix" it.  *furrows brow and says 10 Hail Marys*

Luckily again, everything went as planned.  I fixed the rip on one arm-hole and even added tiny elastic pieces should there be some future babies with body-builder biceps.  The top snap also need reinforcing along with the binding near the neck.  If I kept looking I probably would have found more ways to give it love, but I had to draw the line, because nap-time was about over.

So the garment is ready--all that remains on this list is: keep baby from expelling any bodily fluids on it.  I'll let you know how that one goes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


On my desk...
(Those in my family should know what this is... more tomorrow!)

Out my window...
(Sunny day!  Had a great walk around Greenlake with our PEPS friends)

On my feet...
(My tap shoes!  Haven't used these in about 4 years.  Muscle memory, don't fail me now!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

remembering Peggy

The world lost a very very special person last weekend.  My friend and former teaching partner Peggy passed away after a long and incredibly graceful fight against cancer.  She was an amazing person, so full of life and positive energy.  I've been remembering all that made her unique, especially these things:

She found so much joy in kids and teaching.  She reminded me so often to lighten up and laugh with the kids.  We would swap classes because I taught math and she taught writing.  Most days as we switched back, she would have some funny story about what one of my students said or what they had written.  When she would make a point to read a kid's writing to me after class, the child would just BEAM because she made him/her feel so special.  I love this picture from one of our school events, it was so cute how she helped the kids read since we didn't have a microphone:

She always knew the perfect books to recommend to kids, especially the ones who were having difficulty reading.  Kids would return to her classroom after second grade to borrow books from her huge library.  I would often hear her discussing what they'd read and what they might like to read next when they would stop by after school.  She recommended many books to ME also!  I found one of my all-time favorite authors because of one of her suggestions!

Her knitting skills were top-notch--she knit this beautiful sweater for Henry.  Grandpa Mike would be so impressed that Henry has his own track-hoe sweater!  I can't wait until he's big enough to wear it (which, I know, won't be long). 
 I'm going to miss talking with Peggy about knitting, reading, teaching, and kids.  But I have so many fond memories of her, and the way she endured her illness with such a positive attitude will always make me more positive, too, in the hard times (I promise).  Love you, Peggy!

Friday, November 9, 2012

fun this week...

Henry and I had lots of fun this week.  We got out some of the contraptions handed down to us from cousin Pearl: 
The Jumpster (loves it):

and the high chair! (getting used to it)

We also got some sunny weather (thank you, Jesus!) so walks were a must.

We ditched the car seat for the first time in the Bob Stroller!  What a big boy.
 Don't worry, we bundled up.

Hope this gorgeous weather continues!

Monday, November 5, 2012

wingin' it

This latest project would be an example of how winging it works out sometimes!  Remember my new table (now almost a year old)? Well, I finally got some new chairs so we could stop using our ugly folding chairs!  The chairs came from Ikea - basic white numbers that needed some color.  I also picked up some plain seat cushions from Ikea. Here's how the rest went:

1. Find cute fabric at Joann's with which to cover the cushions.
2. Say quick prayer that fabric matches blue wall.
3. Think about how best to cover the cushions.  Let it roll around the brain for a few days.   Best thinking time: laying in bed before getting up in the morning, while sitting in traffic, you know - prime wheel-turning time.
4. Consider scouring Pinterest for cushion-cover tutorial.
5. Veto that idea.
6. Take some quick measurements (actually, do what Dad always taught me: Measure Twice, Cut Once)
7. Cut, sew, rip seams as necessary, re-sew, remain calm...
8. Repeat with cushion #2!

 (Don't you love this fabric?!)

So, to summarize, sometimes the best things happen when you don't plan too much.  As I learned from "The Happiness Project" - "Don't Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good."  Love that!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

happiness is...

Happiness is....a shopping day with one of my besties!  Sara and I went downtown for some shopping fun today.  Which brings me to my next source of happiness... a new favorite store!

Emilie Sloan (flagship store in Pacific Place) is like tote/luggage/pouch heaven...the cutest fabrics, and everything is so thoughtfully designed!  I couldn't resist getting myself a new wallet:

Isn't this just so me?
I'm sure my money won't want to leave the cuteness of this wallet, so I'll save money in the long run.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Happy Birthday to me!  It was a great b-day, filled with these things:
 An Etsy present from the Howell family - a beautiful locket from Brooke Elissa Jewelry Designs.  Can't wait to put some pictures inside!

 A much-coveted Gurgle Pot from Jamie and the adorable book "Catch That Baby!" from my fab in-laws (signed by the author!!).

 Pretty pretty flowers from my teacher friends - we went to my old school to visit and have lunch with the teachers.  SO fun!

Also: lots of calls, emails, my free birthday Starbucks drink, a yummy dinner with Jamie...

...and of course, best present of all time - these cheekies:

p.s. Do you love the effects on these photos?  iPhone users: download the "Vintique" app, which has a million cool filters (quite possibly too many choices) and borders.  I'm obsessed with the lacy frame!  Plus it integrates with Instagram, my other latest obsession!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

5 months!

 Henry's big 5 month birthday is today! 

 He was in quite the silly mood this morning.

 New and noteworthy:
 More hair! We are loving the fuzzy new 'do.

 Grabbing EVERYTHING (and half-rolling over)

Sitting up with help (hence the funky shot; I was holding him and aiming the camera without looking)

Also, lots of toe-grabbing, giggling, squealing, tummy and exersaucer-time.  Oh, and waking up at 3am to hang out with mommy.  Not that I'm complaining!