Thursday, February 26, 2009

my creative space

Remember this post? Yeah, the one where you're supposed to post about what you're up to and what's on your desk. Hm. Guess I fell of the bandwagon! I popped over here and it looks like "On My Desk" has morphed into "My Creative Space." . . .fun!

So, this is one of my pending projects...a little nameplate to adorn one of my baby blankets, TBE (To Be Embroidered). I'm hoping that by posting this it will inspire me to actually finish, you know, before the child turns 15.
...and this, my friends, is my new pair of scissors. If there's one thing you should know about me it that I REALLY appreciate a good, sharp pair o' scissors (right Em?). Are they gorg?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cutie Booties

I feel a little ashamed not blogging all last week, when I had the week off! I was super busy with lots of custom orders to fill. I'm all caught up now! I also spent a day crafting with Sister #2. We made baby booties! She is going to make a pair for every one of her baby girl's outfits. I am going to document each one here. (you heard that right, sister!)
Anyway, here is the first pair we made. Cute, no?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fallen Soldiers

Don't ask my why I started saving my empty thread spools. Maybe it's the feeling of satisfaction I get seeing a visual representation of the miles and miles of sewing I've done in the past year+. Maybe I'm just channeling my dad, because he SO does things like this. Only if I was truly channeling my dad, I would have the started-using and ended-using date inscribed on the top. Don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Heart Valentine's Day!

(Valentine above is by "threewheelsdesign" on Etsy. Love it!)

Valentine's Day is like an oasis in the desert that is Winter. Just when you want to gouge your own eyes out because the weather is just. so. blah... here comes Valentine's Day. I don't like it because of the yucky love stuff - I think I just like pretty pink decorations, cards, and of course, chocolate.

To make this year's V-Day even more exciting, I've discovered something amazing...the world of Printables. Did you know you can buy printable valentines, invitations, birthday cards, calendars, etc. etc. etc.?? I'm sort of an instant-gratification kind of gal, so I'm all over the fact that I can purchase the printable, have it emailed to me within the day, and have printed valentines ready to go . . . well, whenever I get my printing act together. Brilliant!

I bought these (from Stephanie Fizer's shop):

And I'm still drooling over these, by littlebrownpen:

And these, by upup:
...Sigh... I love people who can do things that I can't do! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!