Monday, September 30, 2013

the move!

The move is finally OVER!  The boxes are unpacked and I even spent a chunk of time on the couch yesterday.  On the couch!  Who does that??  Well, normal people do that, but life was not normal this summer. 
Our neighborhood sign - Norway Hill in Bothell is our new 'hood!
 First order of business was painting.  Purple and Blue! Oh my!  So much sister (and brother-in-law) help made this project WAY faster and more fun than it could have been. More (finished) pics of these rooms soon...
The neighborhood welcoming committee stopped by several times.  These guys are so much fun to watch, although I'm sure it won't be so much fun come spring when all the flowers are blooming.  Henry is now obsessed with looking out the window to see "Dee!"

 Grandma Mary was here to help wrangle Henry.  There was lots of book-reading, food-sharing, and following him around the yard, right Grandma?

 So happy to finally make this place ours!  Big thanks to all the aunties, uncles, Grandma, Grammy, Grandpa, cousins and friends that helped with the process!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

sewing table makeover!

Remember how I said I learned how you should use a REALLY BIG drop cloth with spray painting? Well, I learned that in the process of giving my sewing table a face lift.
 Before : cute, but scuffed up / dirty



 It's a shade brighter, but I like it.  Also, my right arm is a shade stronger - after scrubbing our brick patio for an hour and a half with a wire brush to remove the yellow spray paint over-spray.  I can laugh about it now. 
end of PSA.  Thank you Krud Kutter!