Thursday, June 20, 2013

on my bookshelf : spring 2013

It's the last day of spring!  That means it's time to tell you about what I've been reading.

I'm so into NONfiction right now!  Maybe since I'm not going to school or teaching school, I feel like I need some sort of learning in my life.

Toddler 411: : Denise Fields and Ari Brown
If you're a new parent, I totally recommend Baby 411 and Toddler 411 as handy reference guides for all the little questions that pop up.   They frequently cite their sources, which is very important and reassuring to me.  Nothing like a good 'ol print book in this internet age.  Plus, don't you love the toddler picture on the front?  Wow, I guess all toddlers are cranksters....grreat.

How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen...and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk : : Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
Why did I feel compelled to read this when my child is only 12 months old?  That's a great question. I always meant to read it as a teacher and BOY do I wish I had.  One of the hardest parts of teaching (and, I'm guessing parenthood, though I don't really know yet) is dealing with the emotional and social issues kids have.  This book has some great suggestions!

The Honest Life : : Jessica Alba
I bought this book because I've been thinking a lot about the millions of chemicals swimming around in everything we eat, clean with, etc. and I kept hearing about it.  I wouldn't call it THE #1 resource on clean living, but it had some interesting info and was very easy reading.  I can honestly say that the way this book is written is slightly annoying, and its kind of funny that there are chapters on fashion and home decor.  Best part about it?  The pictures of her ADORABLE kids!  And, I ordered some of the products from her website and really like some of them (shampoo, conditioner, bathroom cleaner...)

The Twelve : : Justin Cronin
Sequel to The Passage - my vampire fiction guilty pleasure.  Pretty awesome, but I like books about monsters more when the monsters are super mysterious - almost just the idea of monsters.  In this book we get up close and personal with some vampire friends.  Intense!  Haven't raced to pick up the last book...
Fav Quote: “Kittredge had obviously misjudged her, but he had learned that was the way with most people. The story was never the story, and it surprised you, how much another person could carry.”

The Round House : : Louise Erdrich
This book was TOTALLY different than most stuff I've been reading.  A mystery, really well written, with interesting characters and setting. Read it!
Fav Quote: “This so gnawed at him on some nights that he lay awake wondering just how many unknown and similarly inconsequential accidents and bits of happenstance were at this moment occurring or failing to occur in order to ensure he took his next breath, and the next.”

Winds of War : : Herman Wouk
Back to familiar territory: WWII. If you want to brush up on your WWII history, this book (and it's second part, see below) is a great choice.  I learned a lot!
Fav Quote: “Peace, if it ever exists, will not be based on the fear of war, but on the love of peace. It will not be the abstaining from an act, but the coming of a state of mind.”

War and Remembrance: : Herman Wouk
Second of the two books, as stated above.  I'm still listening to this one on Audible, so no favorite quote yet.  I still have 27ish hours (!!!) left to go and I'm only halfway through!  PS.  Henry MUCH prefers Caspar Babypants in the car, over boring audio books.  Shoot!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

last week, in pictures

 We had SO much fun last week!
Visiting Opal's gymnastic class

Playing in the water with Bernie & Sha Sha
Picking peonies

Playing with Lily

 Celebrating Jamie's birthday

Painting with Lily

 Did most of the paint end up on the paper or on the babies?

Babysitting Bernie

Playing in the park with Alys

Lunch and playtime with Emmy and our PEPS friends!

Monday, June 17, 2013

father's day

Don't ask me what we did last year for Jamie's first ever Father's Day.  Errr...I may have been in a baby fog.  But this year, Father's Day was super awesome! We went on a walk through the arboretum, went out to lunch, and enjoyed afternoon naps.  Who needs more than that?

Henry had fun pointing out all the dogs, since he can say "dog" now (well...he says "da")

He's the best daddy in the whole wide world!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

another baptism!

Bernie Boy got baptized last weekend!  The gown was all ready to go, just needed his name added. Good thing it's so long - we will probably need all of that space for future generations!

 It was a beautiful day, inside the church and out!
Happy Baptism, little man!

Monday, June 10, 2013

modern woodlands baby quilt

I was determined to use up every bit of my Modern Woodlands fabric (designed by Emily Ann).  It is just too special to sit on the shelf.  So I made up this crib-sized quilt for some future mystery baby.  I'm not being sneaky -- I really have no idea who will end up with this cuteness.

 As always, Henry found it difficult to stay off the thing I was photographing.

Since everything I make has to have that special Molly "touch" (read: mistake), I will show you this special accent on the binding.  Can you believe I ran short with only this much left to go (I can)?  I scoured my sewing room for one more small piece to match.  Nope.  Voila - accent piece!

 Henry- tested and approved!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

birthday boy

  Ahhh, it's good to turn 1, isn't it?  It's about time this kid experienced the joy of chocolate!  Henry's first birthday party happened a bit early - with Jamie's family at the beach.
Auntie Sarah was the brave soul who volunteered to be the stand-in high chair for this event.

 Hmmmmm, what is this delicious-ness?

 His other party got to happen on his actual birthday!  Henry's Seattle aunties, uncles, and cousins came over to celebrate.


 Chocolate Cream Pie was on the menu this time.

Happy Messy Birthday, little one!

Friday, June 7, 2013

then & now

Ethan, May 2011:

Henry, May 2013:
Love that Green Dragon high chair :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

12 months!

 This big boy is 12 months old (though the boy is big, the pants are still very long).

 Mr. Curious and Bob (the teddy bear finally has a name)

This is the only shot where you can see his "12" shirt. :)

Henry has all sorts of new tricks.  He's clapping, experimenting with standing on his own, holding his own cup, feeding himself, and climbing up the stairs!

Lots to report about birthday celebrations - more soon!