Tuesday, May 21, 2013

rainbow patchwork picnic blanket

Inspired by my friend Carina's awesome picnic blanket at a recent playdate, I resolved to make a crazy quilt of our own!  Of course I only used scraps from my stash.  And of course it had to be rainbow!
 The main idea here is that it is colorful and crazy enough that it won't show too badly when it gets dirty...and I intend for it to get dirty on many picnics, playdates, beach trips, etc!
 For the back, I used a sheet that Emily (I think!) had given me.  Crazy enough for ya? I kept it really simple, with no batting or border.
 As I was finishing up, I noticed a weird ripped patch on the back.  I didn't even notice as I was laying it out! That's how awesome this will be for kids and parks - stains will blend in so much we won't even notice them.  I even had trouble finding it again to put a little heart patch over it (no way was I going to start over at that point).

 We've already used it a bunch on our deck and in the grass in our backyard. 
 We are obsessed with bubbles at the moment...
Looking forward to tons of fun times with our crazy blanket this summer...including our first trip to the beach this year, coming up this weekend, yahoo!

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