Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new banner!

hey everybody, look at my fancy new banner! All the credit goes to Bridgette from Earmark Invitations. How much do I love every single thing they do? Please see "personal hygiene" notecards in Earmark's store. Part of the Contempt Collection. "For those times when you have nothing nice to say, but can't say nothing at all." hilarious!

Monday, December 17, 2007

craft show hangover

Whew! Three shows in three weeks--not for the faint of crafting! My sis Emily and I did all three together. Daily schedule: Wake up, get to work, get home, SEW, KNIT, SEW, etc., go to bed late, repeat. Yikes!
I really did like participating, though. There are so many impressive artists out there...I will definitely do more shows, but now I'm excited to have a break, and get back to tending to my Etsy store. Will be adding new items daily! Here are some craft show highlights. I certainly learned some new things about the fine art of display (not my strong point)...

And Emily's goods...