Thursday, January 10, 2013

fantastic mr. fox

As I mentioned before Christmas, I took some time off for some much needed other-than-Etsy crafting.  My sissy Shannon is expecting her first baby in a few weeks, so I knew I needed to give the little guy some handmade love. Since the theme of the nursery is "Woodland Friends," I found this super cute Mr. Fox pattern.  It was so easy and fun! 
When I gave it to her at our family shower, Auntie Chris asked if I could make one to give to her friend whose last name is Fox.  Of course!  This little guy is an Arctic Fox.
I highly recommend Dolls and Daydreams if you are looking for doll patterns.  Sarah's instructions were very easy to follow and included lots of pictures.  Plus everything in her shop is crazy adorable!  You can even get patterns to make clothes for the dolls.  Um, how cute are these?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

duck day

 Have you ever had a collection that got out of hand?  My friend Jen's duck collection was threatening to move her to "I'm a Scary Duck Lady" status, so she decided to do some purging.  But first she wanted to give her ducks credit by taking photos of them before carting them off to Goodwill.  Smart idea!
 Hundreds of ducks, no joke!
Henry is already a fan of ducks, thanks to our Oregon family, but he wasn't too sure about the glasses.  

Jen: I'll be checking in with you to make sure the ducks did indeed end up at Goodwill. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the quiet year later

Almost exactly one year ago, Seattle got a snowstorm two inches of snow, which meant that school was closed for a few days.  Holed up and desperate for entertainment, I started on this Quiet Book, got a few pages finished, and estimated that I might be able to finish the book within a year.  Pretty generous estimate, right?  You'd think so.  Well, 11 months later I got back to work, and finished in time for Christmas.  Introducing......Henry's Quiet Book!

 Lace and Tie the Shoe

 Button the Flowers (managed to lose several flowers since last winter....hoping they will turn up in my sewing room!)

 Play Tic Tac Toe

 Count the Birdies

 Match the Shapes

 Swim Away from the Sharks

 Weave a Basket (and store the x's and o's for your Tic Tac Toe game)

Make a Banana Split!

 I wish I could say that I truly loved making this, and that I can't wait to make one for every niece, nephew, cousin and friend.  However, that would be a big fat lie.  Sorry!  I will say that I loved using odds and ends from my sewing room and that the only thing I purchased especially for this project was an extra pack of grommets! I will also say that grommets + felt + small hands = :( so the Lace-the-Shoe page needs some fixing.  Other than that, this Quiet Book is finished and never to be duplicated!  You're welcome, Henry.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

7 months!

First of all, let's review:
 Henry's first six months are history -- we're on to the second half of his first year!
Henry's been busy trying all sorts of new solid foods, getting really good at sitting up by himself, developing an obsession with tags and tiny objects, and, most recently, going on major nap strikes!
 He smiles a lot, just usually not in public. 

Happy New Year and Happy 7 months to our sweet little Stinker Pants!