Monday, June 11, 2012

grandma's comfort quilt

Love for quilts and quilting goes back several generations in my family.  The "Comfort Quilt" gets passed around the family to anyone who needs it.  We are the proud holders of the comfort quilt right now!
According to family legend,
"The darker blocks were found embroidered, along with all the other patterns in Jeanne's house in 2005.  Carrie finished the project that was probably started by Grandma Becker in 1930."

  Carrie Druffel - my aunt

 Jeanne Becker Druffel - my grandma

Maggie Moser Becker - my great-grandma

These pictures do not do the beautiful embroidery and quilting work justice.  You are going to have to take my word for just how amazing this quilt is!
Plus, it is super warm and VERY comforting.  I am doing my best to not spill anything on it or let Henry unleash any bodily fluids on it.  Comfort Quilts must be used, right??


Our Happy Family

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